shortKode supplies a low cost telephone facility to all its users. Users can phone any landline or mobile for 50c per minute (ZAR) per second billing while keeping their existing SIM and number.

Merchants can set up their personnel as assistants and have customers call for free for sales and support. While it still costs the merchant 50c per minute, the rewards and/or profit earned when customers use this facility to phone their contacts can largely or totally cover the telecom expenses of the merchant.

Call recording can be switched on to prevent abuse by personnel on the free call facility. Call recording can also be used for training purposes by having new call centre recruits study previous recordings.

Supply this benefit to your customers and sell airtime at a profit or just increase your customer base by exposing this benefit to them.

Non-profit organizations can use this low cost telephone facility to lower their telecom expenses but simultaneously expose this benefit to their subjects they help with their cause. This benefit can also be exposed to regular donors and the savings they experience can be donated to the cause.